System Integrations

We easily connect into your systems

We offer both pre-integrated and custom API integrations so our service seamlessly fits into your systems

Pre-packaged Integrations

APS Connectors

Our APS Connectors are designed for CCPv2 to allow for the best user experience during sign-up,upgrades and access to the applications. Simple setup and configurations options allow you to best match your billing rules, upgrade processes and deeply integrate with your customer purchase experience. We have a sandbox for testing your configuration.  All support CCP v2 for OAS version 7.1 and above.

Web Business Builder from Odin

Web Business Builder provides full Yola functionality in a Federated model from Odin directly as a simple addendum to your current contract. The WBB Connector enables the complete Yola feature set inside of the CCPv2 interface including eCommerce and Online Advertising. Extensive customization is possible to drive all purchase actions back to your web store or the CCP for user actions.

Google Ads by Kliken APS Connector

Our APS implementation for Google Ads supports the comprehensive Kliken feature set allowing you to offer this powerful advertising solution to all of your business customers.  From package definitions to user onboarding the processes have been optimized for maximum conversion.

Ecwid APS Connector

The Ecwid APS Connector makes it simple to offer a power eCommerce solution to your customers no matter what CMS their site is build upon.  The CCPv2 UI makes it simple for the user's to manage their own subscriptions while the application's native interface steps them through the initial setup including payment gateways and shipping.


WHMCS extension for cPanel and Plesk

Our WHMCS module fully automated the provisioning of new accounts along with upgrade/downgrade and SSO login to all our product lines. The Topline WHMCS module will seamlessly drive our cPanel plugin to allow for FTP publishing directly to the user’s web space along with user login. The module can also connect with our Plesk extension for the same purpose. The module supports both cPanel and Plesk at the same time so works well for a hybrid environment.

WBB Extension for Plesk

For Yola core and full eCommerce functionality you can use the WBB Plesk extension available directly from Plesk. This flexible integration allows virtually any current billing system to drive provisioning simply by provisioning Plesk plans that contain pre-defined WBB plan levels. The extension includes a full test mode so you can test and configure prior to going live. Plus the billing is integrated into KA (Plesk Key Administrator) so any applicable fees will simply be added to your current Plesk invoice.

Custom Integrations

Topline REST API

Many of our partners prefer a direct integration using our simple REST API. A direct integration gives you the ultimate control over all aspects of the service and how you offer it to your users. Our API allows for all end user CRUD actions, secure SSO as well as automated management of reseller sub brands under your main account. We have a complete sandbox environment available for integration projects and a support team dedicated to API integrations for any questions that come up.

SBSmanger Web Portal

For situations where an integrated service is not required or possible we offer a complete web admin portal, SBSmanager, for manually provisioning users, subscriptions and for configuring the service offerings. Multiple role definitions allow you to offer access to your team members with the capabilities that match their needs. End users can use our simple branded SBSgateway login portal to access the service from your web site.

Why Choose Topline Cloud Services?

Offer best in breed SMB solutions via one integration, with full autonomy for you to manage the products through a single panel.

Private label branding assures your customers never see us or our vendors.

Our plugins and API allow for easy integration to your system.

We have been helping partners grow for more than 17 years.